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Rajasthan Living is a destination place to find unique items handcrafted by artisans from various villages in Rajasthan.

Our mission is to bring you the best of Rajasthani culture and tradition, through our curated collection of handmade products. By styling the way you live, we empower people to be their best selves. Our jewellery is designed to beautify your world with our meticulously crafted fine pieces that inspire moments of happiness or celebrations each time they’re worn.

Browse our website for an authentic and genuine shopping experience and to support the local artists and their families.

Our Vision

We are working towards creating a platform that directly connects the artisans of Rajasthan to the world. We are representing the culture of Rajasthan, beautifying the world with the finest jewellery that inspires moments of happiness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all the artisans of Rajasthan and showcase their talent to the world.

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Suhali Jain - An Inspiration

Suhali Jain is a Delhi-based jewellery designer and manufacturer with an edge – she is India’s youngest under World Skill India. With her brand ‘Creator by suhali jain’, she has the distinction of being the only woman manufacturer in India under the age of 21 years.

Suhali's jewellery making journey began in 2012 when she was still in college. A competition was organized in Mumbai in which Suhali participated. Every two years people participate in a competition in World Skill India, 30 thousand applications were received in that competition.

In that competition, Suhali and another participant were declared joint winners at the national level as they impressed everyone with their creativity and talent. After six months of meticulous training under a specialist, Parag Vyas and the co-winner in Indore, Suhali, were striving towards excellence and aiming for an international title.

However, Suhali, a resident of Delhi, but her origin is Marwar, Rajasthan. Home to some of the most beautiful heritage buildings including palaces and kothis, Suhali was always fascinated by its intricate carvings. She used to watch them and spend hours drenched in their beauty. She also regularly visited temples to have a closer look at the temple designs. Those structures inspired her greatly. In fact, the inspiration is reflected in her designs, which are replica-like monuments. Her works reflect the grandeur of the heritage buildings and are a real marvel for the eyes.

Suhali does not want to pursue one of the normal degrees for her higher education. So she thought it would be something in the fashion industry. So, never think twice before embarking on this offbeat career path, says Suhali, pursuing her bachelor's degree in jewellery designing and manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery in Mumbai and venturing into entrepreneurship two years ago.

So after a lot of struggle and patience, she finally managed to open her own brand and became one of the youngest entrepreneurs and jewellery designers.

Artisans From Vishala, Barmer


The family in Vishala village of Barmer is carrying on the legacy of their forefathers by making jewellery using clay. This family is in this profession for the last 40 years and is managing to take this profession forward by exporting their jewellery to the overseas market as well. Foreigners like such ornaments very much, that is why their work goes well. They make all kinds of jewellery for women whether, it’s a bangle or an earring These people do not earn much profit in this profession but for their family legacy they are doing very fine work and they are satisfied by the results.

“Earlier they used to sell one article for Rs 20-30 but now, as the demand is less so they sell it at a higher price. “These people go to different places in Mumbai, Udaipur, Rajkot, and Una to sell them. The family’s job is to sell products in foreign markets. Because of this, the work is going very well. These people also go to sell their jewellery in the events organized by the government. We make Nimboli, Lockets, Necklaces, and Clay Bangles which we export outside.

The final words of the story have not been written yet. But, I can definitely say that there is something to be learned from the resilience and determination of this family to carry forward their jewellery business and the family legacy. They may take more than a decade to see significant growth but they show no signs of giving up or slowing down. It is an inspiring story about how a family overcomes adversity by putting all their efforts together over time to create something that is stronger than any material thing.