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Tea Light Holder

When you're in need of a little extra light in your home, look no further than the gorgeous Tealight Holder. This holder can be used as an unusual and unique candle holder and even for decoration purposes – it will make any dining room or hall more inviting! These holders are perfect for any room in your home! You will never want to use another candle when you have one in each corner and the light shines like a diamond from every direction as it is made of handcrafted tiles that create an eye-catching glow on these beautiful glasses. Plus, their durability makes them long-lasting, so there's no need to worry about accidentally breaking something delicate if kids are running around or playing. It will illuminate every corner of your living space with a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. It's Mosaic's handiwork to help the lights stay on for longer than the normal time-making every moment during the celebration at home more special. so, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection now and beautify your home.


Handicrafts & Handpainted Terracotta Earthen Pots

These beautifully wonderful Earthen pots are made from terracotta material and painted with fabric colours which make them more attractive for home decorations during the festive season. These artisans from Rajasthan have spent hours on each pot, beautifully painting both the interior and exterior to create a unique product that you won't find anywhere else! You can use this pottery near the doors, balconies, and terraces of your house. Perfect as an accent piece or placed near any window where light can reach most accurately during those dark nights without electricity saving energy while boosting our mood right in the afternoon when the sun ends. Shines in the brightest, longest wait till dusk comes out like nowhere before now. These earthen pots are very beautiful and you can easily buy them without breaking the bank. In addition, these are very durable and good quality products. You will definitely be happy and satisfied after purchasing these.


Hand painted Kettle Set

When it comes to the looks of your home, the interior consists mostly of small elements that add to its charm and beauty, but nothing can beat a well-decorated table. A Handcrafted kettle set is perfect for adding that finishing touch and all eyes are on the kettles when they enter through those doors! The handles on the top are covered with rubber grips so that you can easily lift them. They make the morning or evening tea memorable in its classiness. You never compromise when it comes to the aesthetics of your home. A handcrafted set made by skilled craftsmen of Rajasthan will make your home look attractive for decades. These kettles represent the culture and tradition of Rajasthan and also give a rich look to your home. These are affordable as well as durable And the detailed painting work will enhance the beauty of your home from every angle imaginable! So don't wait long and buy one for your home.


Mosaic Glass Table Lamp

Rajasthan Living is proud to present this beautiful lamp, an amazing Handcrafted Mosaic Glass Table Lamp which will make your home decor more colourful and interesting. Mosaic Work - A mosaic is made of unique handmade glass beads, so when switched on it gives off a truly beautiful glow that will adorn any room placed within it." It is made of semi-transparent glass. Made of pearls so when you switch on the bulb it glows and gives off really bright light! This is a truly unique piece that was crafted by skilled craftsmen from Rajasthan. It is quality assured in every detail Very carefully designed to be used; it will be a value add to the collection of anyone who loves beautifully crafted things without breaking their budget. The intricate designs on this Handmade Glass Table Lamp will enhance the interior of your home. Will make you look more stylish and beautiful. The transparency of the material allows natural light to shine through, making it an excellent choice if you want something that doesn't take up much space but still doesn't take off during the evening hours. Provides great visibility! Handcrafted Mosaic Glass Serving Table Lamp Tea is the perfect way to show off your time at home. So don’t wait anymore get one for yourself.

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