Let your Gemstone speak for you!

let your gemstone speak for you!


The rare scapolite stone has an unusual but beautiful feature that makes it one of the most sought-after gems by mineral collectors. The name “scapolite” comes from the Greek word ‘skapos’, meaning stick or stem because this crystal forms into tall columnar structures with varying colours in yellow, grey and brown—all but white giving this magical mineral a chance. Makes it more special and unique. The stone is also called the “stone of choice” for mineral collectors because it forms into beautiful pillars with deep honey-coloured surfaces.

Scapolite stone is also known as the stone of peace and it will help you to become more rational and mentally balanced. It is an excellent meditation stone as it relieves worries by ensuring that your thoughts are helpful to you only in times when there is no room left to store unnecessary worries or tensions from everyday life. The calming properties of this stone make it perfect if things are getting really hectic at home too!

scapolite stone

Galaxite stone

People say that galaxite contains the energy of the whole galaxy! The stone has a remarkably distinctive vibration and appears as if you are looking at stars through holes in space. This beautiful crystal was discovered by accident when some miners found their way into the mountains of Virginia, where they uncovered treasures even older than the Americas—including this incredible gemstone with its milky green hue with deep green colour. which gives light similar to ours if thrown at them from afar or reflected from countless other bodies. Galaxite is a stone that has the power to heal. It is so fine because it is the presence of stars, and when you hold the galaxy-stone in your hand or wear it as an ornament its milky colour is more clearly than any other type of stone on earth Come!

Galaxite is a stone of change. This will help purify and balance your aura, preventing the leakage of energy that can cause damage or disease in other areas such as the physical body. The energies of galaxies also facilitate spontaneous evolution; They enhance both conscious thoughts (the mind) as well as the subconscious—which can be helpful for astral projection during sleep cycles when we are extrasensory beings! Galaxite stone is known for its ability to protect.

Galaxite is a stone of exploration and adventure. It will help you explore your spiritual self, contact higher realms such as spirit guides or other dimensions! Galaxite is the perfect stone for those who want to discover and experience new things. It will relieve you of your worries, stress-anxieties by calming you down so that everything seems to be in perspective again!

Galaxite is a stone with many healing properties. Galaxite is an incredible crystal for many reasons, including its ability to help ease the pain or discomfort that comes with menstruation. It’s also great at harmonizing the work environment with creativity and inspiration! Galaxite is a stone of wisdom, confidence and self-expression. Galaxite helps people find wealth in their lives by encouraging creativity at work which leads to the motivation for productivity. These energies make any endeavour a success if you put your mind to it!

galaxite stone


Amazonite stone has been around for centuries and was used to make sculptures and jewellery. The stone takes its name from the largest river in South America—the Amazon River, also known as the “mother of all rivers”. “This precious gem is also called Pikes Peak or Colorado Jade, depending on where you are located within North America!

The many colours of Amazonite are beautiful and precious. The green colour of this stone can be changed by miners, making it more interesting for collectors to find their discoveries around the surface of the Earth! The colour can change from blue-green or even yellow, depending on where they find that specific gem deposit – but no matter what type (or how white) you get, its powerful energy will always be there. Will be equally stable in all types as these stones come directly from nature without any human intervention.

Amazonite stone is a great energy filter. This stone suggests that it can be beneficial to those who use the technique a lot. Because this crystal filters electromagnetic smog from your surroundings, you will feel more refreshed and energized from everyday activities!

Amazonite is a great tool to use when you want more balance within yourself either mentally or physically as it also works on pacifying all the chakras! Not only that but with its ability to align masculine energies with femininity, it can also be used in as positive a way as possible!

This stone will help you understand your thoughts and make it easier to articulate the information in front of you. This very powerful crystal encourages courage with its encouragement to follow dreams without fear – it can free up the creative energy within us so that we can create more artistic projects. Amazonite is not only helpful because of all these wonderful properties, but it also provides protection by grounding.

Amazonite is a stone that exudes an air of confidence and power. Amazonite is a stone of strength and courage. It has been used for centuries to protect the wearer from harm, giving them peace of mind through its soothing energies. This powerful tool will empower you with the truth that can free you from all the worries or fears that insecurities create!



Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your dreams came true? Well, now is the time for that chance! Labradorite is a stone that helps you reach higher levels of enlightenment, connect with the divine, and uncover parts of your subconscious genetic makeup. We can access genetic memories deep within us where hidden knowledge awaits just below conscious awareness. Labradorite is the stone of spiritual awareness and its meaning centres on the higher realms.

Dreams can feel so real because they really are! The mind cannot distinguish between the real and the “dream” – this is an indication of how powerful this stone is to connect us to our higher self. Labradorite crystals have been linked to the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown chakras allowing users to access universal truths about life through meditation or dreaming.

The Labrador gets all the beauty and benefits without having to deal with any of its negative traits. It’s no wonder why this stone was created specifically for people who crave nothing but perfection—because it really gives us what we most want: a beautiful but problematic Free presence, while still maintaining health benefits there is nothing there. This crystal can help relieve stress; The anxiety-inducing energy brought in by other people you come into contact with daily as well as the toxins in your body needs to be cleared out! It even has powerful healing properties on vision or neurological disorders.

Labradorite is a powerful crystal that has many healing properties. If you have any heart problems, stones can help control your blood pressure and reduce swelling. It is also beneficial for those who are currently experiencing pain during menstruation or menopause because of its ability to stimulate mental awareness that helps combat depression. They can also provide relief from high blood pressure (hypertension) by reducing what feels like an impossible number on our body’s arteries each day—all while being beneficial for digestion.
If you’re feeling depressed, it may be time for crystal healing! Crystals have been used in ancient cultures around the world to help combat depression and anxiety. They work by balancing your energy fields so that regardless of what is happening inside us, whether mentally or physically, negative emotions no longer dominate.

A lot has changed since we last talked about how spectacular crystals really are; They provide not only spiritual benefits but also physical benefits such as relieving chronic pain caused by a disease such as arthritis or sciatica neuropathy (among others). Many people find themselves worried about their health as well because these feelings stay with them for a long time before moving on to other aspects such as relationships and work environments, where being constantly unhappy can have even greater effects.


Herkimer Diamond

What can replace a diamond? A Herkimer diamond, which can be found in New York and which dates back to five hundred million years ago! Herkimer diamonds are rare, but they are still a popular gemstone. These clear and colorless crystals look like diamonds because of their dazzling clarity as well as their majestic geometric shape. These transparent crystals are perfect for anyone who loves jewellery. So, if you are a diamond lover then try these beautiful stones.

Yes! Herkimer stones are not diamonds but they look like diamonds and they are economical yet rich-looking stones.Herkimer like a diamond can help you stay calm in any situation. This crystal is known for its ability to increase spiritual energy and give people what they need, and also ward off negative forces so that your soul can be completely free from anxiety.

Herkimer diamond is a stone of healing, which brings balance to all aspects within you. It can help to relieve tension in your body at home or while out and about; It will give peace and calm when surrounded by the stress or tension which is needed to meet one’s needs (a good thing!) Crystal encourages exploration into one’s true self through acts that make one feel alive. Rejuvenate and be free from the constraints placed on the spiritual energy flowing throughout the exposure time! The Herkimer Diamond will give you the balance your body needs on a physical, emotional, and mental level. so, buy Herkimer diamonds at a very reasonable price only on Rajasthan Living.

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Chalcedony is known to be a protective stone that absorbs negative vibrations or energy. In India, it is used because of its healing and protecting ability that promotes harmony between mind, body, spirit and also promotes stability within groups or individuals exposed to these stones. It also has many benefits on sleep patterns so it can help if you are having trouble sleeping! This gemstone also encourages sympathy among the group members, while it is generously tried to bring stability in domestic life as this lovely rock knows how difficult times can be when you are doing something alone. But there is always room under those trees. It also has to nurture properties through which it promotes sympathy among people and creates an environment free from conflict while removing any kind of enmity from its environment. Chalcedony’s calming and protective power is often reflected in its appearance. chalcedony is majorly known to help people with mental disorders, relieve insomnia for those who suffer from issues related to stress, anxiety due to the environment. It is at times when we need more emotional support, when it is worn around the neck, it can reduce spiritual blockages by bringing peace within oneself.

Chalcedony is a stone that will strengthen your ability to look at the future positively. This is known as an energy healing crystal and can help bring anyone into alignment, especially when working on oneself either mentally or physically. We can experience an increase in psychic abilities through its calming properties that promote inner peace along with these new powers; Finally, it may even include some kind of relief where we start to see things clearer than ever !

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Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is a very powerful healing crystal that can be used to enhance feminine or goddess energies. The stones themselves seem to glow from within, with shades of sunset hues joined together in a spectacular display on their finished edges that distinguish this variety more than any other quality, are they differ little by the colour.

Rainbow Moonstone is a very protective stone that helps you find your true self. Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful stone that can help you find your roots and the root causes of difficulties. It protects us from mental attacks, negative energies associated with our aura or mind.

This is the perfect stone to use if you feel detached from a higher power and need spiritual guidance. It is also an amazing choice in finding emotional support, as it allows one’s emotions to flow more independently than usual, as its cheerful vibrations that match what we aim for during the hard times on earth – Peace and love!

The rich, dark colour of the stone is due to the inclusion of iron. It has been used throughout history by many cultures for its healing properties – including treating eye infections or blurred vision, regulating metabolism, and relieving stress-related disorders such as depression. Rainbow Moonstone also balances hormones that help with PMS symptoms, including cramps during the menstrual cycle in women with the condition; It can also be beneficial against gout/rheumatism! Rainbow moonstones are known to bring luck and a means of success. It can also protect you from making decisions that are detrimental to your financial health.

You can use the Rainbow Moonstone to help you build relationships with people and the energy of this crystal will reveal which projects are not worth pursuing. It’s also good for navigating finances, taking the courage to know that there’s a better way than following the advice of others without thinking about it yourself first!


Natural Faceted Black Onyx

Whatever we do for others will happen to us. Onyx embodies this proverb spiritually, where it represents Saturn, the planet of karma and its ruling universal law, stating that every action has its own reaction—no matter how small their cause at first glance.

Onyx is a beautiful stone with bands or stripes that change from black to other colours. It is most often found in lava tubes where it is formed by molten rocks filling silica gas cavities during volcanic activity, but there are also colourless varieties of this gemstone!

Its powers will make you feel invincible and have the power to achieve anything! Black Onyx is an excellent gemstone for overcoming negative connotations. It helps people to show their true self without being judged by others or self-doubt because it gives light to something beautiful even in everyone’s darkness.”

Onyx is a powerful stone that can increase your happiness and satisfaction, free you from the pain of emotional wounds. It will attract the greatness of the gifts while filling them with the knowledge needed to make excellent decisions. A protective love interest strengthens the relationship between two people by boosting their strengths or helping them deal with problems eloquently.

Black Onyx is a stone with many healing properties. It can be used to reduce pain in the kidneys, eyes and hair, as well as provide quick relief for pregnant women during labour or when delivering babies at home without any medical assistance. This gemstone is known centuries ago by Native Americans who ingested it. It is because of their belief in powdered form that these stones have magical properties that will heal them so that disease affects others around us. “

Black Onyx is a powerful stone that can heal you physically, mentally and emotionally. They have a greater impact on our physical health than we often realize—there’s a lot of scientific evidence to support how things like stress or anxiety mess with the body’s well-being.

Black gemstones are known to help bring balance in one’s life by healing all aspects; This includes both spiritually as well as financially.

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