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How To Match Your Engagement Rings Perfectly?

Marking a tradition and the affectionate bond you share with your partner, engagement rings add sparkle to your life. By opting for a couples engagement ring set, you and your partner can have bands that sit perfectly. Here, you can try out unique center stone cuts, styles, designs, and metals.
Engagement rings have been a popular way to show commitment for centuries. Here, we’ll walk you through some tips and tricks on how find the perfect matching ring that suits your style needs.
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Choosing The Right Metal For The Matching Engagement Rings For Him And Her

While searching for matching engagement rings for him and her, it is best to have the same metal for both the bands. Based on your preferences, you can opt for a modern style or an antique look. You and your partner can even bring in a mix of metals to the rings. Here are some of the best metal options for you to consider:

1. Gold: Gold has been a favorite metal of many people for decades. Some prefer yellow, white or rose gold while others may go with 24 karat purity but it’s not the most durable option as they can bend and scratch easily! Gold is a popular choice for engagement rings because of its rich color and durability. The 10k gold option offers high quality with low maintenance, but it’s not as shiny compared to other metals like platinum or silver (which can be plated in white). If you want your promise ring look fresh year after year without having any worries about maintaining its luster.
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2. Platinum: Platinum is a rare metal and the most expensive choice for rings. However, these Platinum jewelry pieces can last your entire life with their durable qualities that make them perfect to wear every day as well! Not only do they resist scratches but also other elements such heat or cold without getting damaged easily over time either.

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3. Silver: Silver is a beautiful and affordable option, but it can be difficult to work with. To increase the strength of this soft metal producers often mix in other metals like copper so that they maintain their integrity when making jewelry or sculptures out them.
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4. Titanium: Titanium is one of the metals that make up engagement rings. It’s unique, lightweight and scratch-resistant but you need to remember it will be challenging when trying resizing an already made ring
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Types of Engagement Ring

As you have decided on the metal, it’s time for you to move on to choose the type of engagement ring you and your partner need. Here, we have brought together some of our favorites for you. By the way, there are several other options too.

1. Classic Bands: Classic bands are the perfect starting point for any outfit, where men’s rings will be thick and women’s thin. These basic pieces can also come in different metals like gold or platinum with options to mix it up even more by choosing a precious stone!
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2. Eternity Rings: Eternity rings are a timeless symbol of love. No matter what kind you get, they will always be beautiful and represent your commitment to one another for the rest of time!
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Selecting How You Would Like Have The Stones-

When it comes time to buy an engagement ring, you and your partner have plenty of options. You can choose from a variety of stones in various shapes or sizes- but here we will focus on some popular cuts that both men AND women could enjoy-

1. Round Cut: The versatility of this pattern makes it a great choice for different stones. You can opt to have an engagement ring or one with several gemstones decorated in the same style!

2. Princess-Cut: It works well with a small round diamond, and you can team it up with a round cut stone.

3. Oval-Cut: These stones will make your matching engagement rings bling again. They’re also perfect for single prong oval bands!

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